Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1. What is Trousseau packing?

Ans 1. Trousseau packing is the elegant and artistic presentation of a bride's wedding essentials, including clothes, jewelry, and other important items, wrapped beautifully to enhance their sentimental value and visual appeal. This tradition, now modernized with personalized gift boxes and designer packing, makes wedding gifts memorable and unique.

Que 2. What is Hand embroidery?

Ans 2. Hand embroidery is a traditional craft where fabric is decorated with needle and thread, creating intricate designs and patterns. Our mothers and grandmothers often practiced it on home clothes. Today, this art has evolved into modern embroidery, extending to unique gifts like hand-embroidered shirts, tote bags, caps, and personalized everyday items. It's a perfect blend of the old and new, making each piece a timeless and exclusive gift.

Que 3. How many services do you provide? As both embroidery and trousseau are different things.

Ans 3. At Fabric Folk, we provide both the two distinct yet complementary services: Hand embroidery and Trousseau packing. Our hand embroidery products include beautiful, personalized items such as clothing, accessories, and decor. We also take orders to do customize hand embroidery at the item of your choice. Our trousseau packing service focuses on artistically presenting wedding essentials and gifts in a visually appealing manner. Both services reflect our passion for handcrafted, detailed artistry.

Que 4. What products do you provide in hand embroidery?

Ans 4. We offer a wide range of hand-embroidered products from fashion to decor. Our Embroidery Fashion existing collection includes embroidery customized shirts, jeans, tote bags, purses, zipper pouches, caps, hats, key chains, bookmarks. Our Embroidery Decor existing collection include wooden hoops which you can hang on the walls of your house, balcony, or office space or put on a table. We also take orders to perform customized embroidery at your given product.

Que 5. For what occasions are your embroidery products useful?

Ans 5. Our hand embroidery products are versatile and perfect for all occasions. They make thoughtful and exclusive gifts for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, and corporate events. Whether you're looking for a unique valentine's gift, a best gift for men, or a creative gift idea for women, our hand-embroidered items are trendy, affordable, and special.

Que 6. Can you customize the trousseau packing to match my wedding theme?

Ans 6. Yes, we specialize in personalized trousseau packing tailored to match your wedding theme. From wedding saree packing to lehenga packing, we ensure that each package aligns with your vision, using colors, styles, and decorative elements that reflect your personality and the wedding's overall theme.

Que 7. What materials do you use for hand embroidery?

Ans 7. We use high-quality fabrics and threads to ensure durability and a beautiful finish in our hand embroidery. Our materials are carefully selected to complement each design, adding visual appeal and lasting quality to every item, whether it's a piece of clothing, an accessory, or decor.

Que 8. How can I place an order for your services?

Ans 8. Placing an order with Fabric Folk is simple. You can call/WhatsApp us at 8010-710-493 OR Message us at our Instagram page @fabric_folk OR Email us at We would love to discuss your requirement in detail and will try our best to meet them with precision and creativity.

Que 9. Do you provide trousseau packing services for baby showers and other celebrations?

Ans 9. Absolutely! Our trousseau packing services extend to baby showers, festive occasions, engagements, and more. We create elegant and thoughtful packages for any celebration, including baby shower gifts, bridal shower gifts, and unique gift baskets, adding a touch of sophistication to your gifts.

Que 10. How long does it take to complete a hand embroidery order?

Ans 10. The completion time for a hand embroidery order depends on the complexity and size of the design. Small projects may take a few days, while larger, more intricate designs can take a couple of weeks. We strive to deliver your order promptly, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship in every piece, making it the best gift for any occasion.

Que 11. Where are you based?

Ans 11. We are based in Greater Noida. We provide service pan India including Delhi, NCR, Noida, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida. Shipping charges applicable as actuals.